Setting up your blog

1. Start by going to You’ll set up an account using an email address and password. You don’t need to use your grizmail email. If you have a gmail address, that’s ideal because it will link to all your other google stuff, but any email is fine.
2. Pick a URL and blog name. For URL names, something short and simple works best, preferably including your first name.  Your blog title should include your first name so it will be easily recognizable to the rest of us.  Apart from that, use your imagination.  The blog name can be changed easily – the URL cannot.
3. After that, you’re all set. You can look around at different layouts and settings to customize your blog.

For your first blog post, I’d like you to write a paragraph introducing yourself to the class – one more time!  Include whatever information you find interesting and vital.

Write a second paragraph on the subject of reading – this can take many forms.  A general description of what you like to read, how you feel about reading, etc.  If you hate reading, tell us why.  This paragraph should include a recommendation of something you’ve read recently or in your life that you particularly enjoyed.

You’ll need to get these blog posts up by Thursday at midnight.  (“Midnight” or before you go to sleep.  Just see that it’s up so I can read them Friday morning before class.)
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