Consider the Lobster!

Over the weekend I’d like you to read this David Foster Wallace article entitled “Consider the Lobster.” You can find the article here and here:
PDF File. (Will download onto your computer.)
Web version on Gourmet Magazine.

Recall that we do not have class on Monday 09/06 on account of labor day. Please do the following for class on Wednesday, 09/08:

The Blog:
1. Set up the link list on your blog to include all of your classmates.
2. Set up your profile. Include a pic of yourself, for funsies.
3. Peruse your classmates blogs. Please post a minimum of 3 comments, and respond in kind to comments posted on your blog. This should be a dialogue/conversation, etc.

The Reading:
1. Read the reading.
2. Come to class on Wednesday with a typed response (a paragraph each) on the following questions:

a. What sort’s of rhetorical moves does Wallace make (Using things like humor, disgust, personal appeals, scientific appeals, logical or philosophical appeals to keep the audience’s attention and to persuade them.)? Why do you think he is doing this? Does it work?

b. What sort’s of things can you learn from this essay? What does Wallace do with his writing that intrigues you? Moves you? Frustrates you? Soon, you’re going to have to write a Personal Academic Argument, what part of Wallace’s essay can you see yourself modeling for your own piece? And, finally, in thinking about your own piece and about our class’s occupation with the theme of ‘sustainability‘, how do you see Wallace’s writing fitting into a discussion about sustainability, and what can you glean concerning what you might want to write about?

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