Hi it’s me, Molly.

Hi everyone. So, about me. If you recall, I mentioned that I was from Detroit, Michigan and I’ve been a year now in Missoula, where I attend the MFA program in fiction and teach WRIT101. I like reading and writing. This summer I picked up the acoustic guitar. I also went to a buddhist meditation retreat for 10 days, so since then I’ve picked up an interest in all things “nothing” as well. I also like hiking, riding bikes, and films. For this class I am interested in the free exchange of literacy and ideas. I want to help you learn how to express yourself more fluidly through writing.

I like to read all sorts of things, but since I’ve come here to study writing I’ve been reading mostly novels and short stories. It’s important for writers to read. Reading offers another perspective on the world that we can choose to accept or to question, but either way, we’ve gained something from the experience. I encourage all of you throughout the semester to not just do whatever reading you’re assigned in both this and other classes, but to take the time to explore reading for yourselves. Read things that interest and/or entertain you. It will necessarily make you better writers. In this class you’ll be reading things both by professionals and each other, and I’d like to think you’ll be made richer as a result. One novel I read this semester and really loved is called Jernigan, by David Gates. I didn’t just read this by accident, he’s actually a visiting professor here this summer and I’m taking a workshop with him. It’s really only be coincidence that it is also a great book. I enjoyed its unsentimental and realistic portrayal of a dysfunctional family. I’ve also been perusing this journal rather obsessively the last couple of days because they published one of my stories. Funny how that works! 🙂 I look forward to reading your blogs this week and finding out your reading habits. I hope that we can all learn a lot from each other this semester.

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