Food glorious food.

But first a few notes about class:

1. Here are some student blogs that may or may not be on your blog list. If you are a blogger in my class and notice that you are not in the loop AND not on this amended list, please let me know and I will make you known.

Anna b =
Tiffany =
Niki =
Shelby =
Bernida =
Christie B =
Kristina =
Justin H =

all of my links should be up to date. Again, please let me know if there are any mistakes, omissions, etc.

2. Now then. Food!
My raw food food blog from last semester.

from here you can check out other people’s blog posts. If you look in the archives, I believe most of these were posted under “february” but some might be in “march” – and you will have to suss out which are the food posts based on the titles. My blog project from last year is a good source for you for both this and likely other posts we do in the future, so keep this in mind.

Remember that I want you to use information from two different web sources and I want you to link those sources on your page. Use your own faculties to figure out how to do this, ask for help, etc. Part of the reason we do blogs is that I want to bring you into the world of web publishing. Hyperlinks are a basic skill to have under your belt, you know, for life.

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One Response to Food glorious food.

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey thanks. If there were a Petty Cover band called “Dawn Petty and the Heart Fakers” anywhere in the pacific northwest, i’d be compelled to go. Thanks for the recommendation–i’ll have to check out Slaptstick next!

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