Blogs 3 and 4, other things as well.

Hello class. Today was whirlwind and slapdash but we all managed to make it through. I have a lot to say in this post so pay attention.

Firstly, I want to point out that your blog posts on food were varied and mostly excellent. I am particularly pleased with the level of communication and engagement you’re having with each other’s blogs. I encourage you to keep doing this. Also, please make it a habit of varying where you’re making your comments (i.e. don’t just always read your friend’s work – try to read different blogs each week, etc.) Be sure that you are linked to all 24 blogs – the people that were not on the original list have been a little out of the loop and I’d like you to make a special point of including them in the future. Continue to think about how you market and present your own work. Good titles/topics get lots of responses and these are fun. I have a question – are you guys set up to get email notifications when someone comments on your blog? If you’re not you should be. Someone make a point of mentioning this on Wednesday and perhaps we’ll address it.

The food posts for this week I found particularly awesome were Ryan’s piece on Kombucha, Heidi’s discussion of graham crackers and likely others that I have neglected to mention at this time. Keep up the good work.

For Wednesday 09/13:
1. Look over the sample essay I gave you on green marketing and come prepared to discuss it. We’ll go over features of the form and do a little mini workshop of the piece so please bring it with you. Printing all of those off was admittedly “not sustainable” but believe it or not, Duane has no electronic copy of that piece.
2. Please have your blog#3 post done and up by class on Wednesday. In retrospect I should have made these due this Monday but everybody makes mistakes. What I want out of these paragraphs is just a brief outline of what you plan to write on in the form of a “research question.” What I mean by this is that you shouldn’t have a firm “thesis” yet, i.e. “wolf hunting is a sustainable enterprise for montana because of x” so much as “how does wolf hunting effect issues of sustainability in Montana?” If you are having specific issues with narrowing in on a topic, talk about that in your blog. Which brings me to my second point.
3. Between wednesday and friday, please take a look at each other’s proposals. I want your comments to be aimed to either a- ask questions about the topic they’re presenting if things seem unclear to you. b- offer advice on making the topic better. c- if you have specific information relevant to them on their topic, share it with them. I want you to help each other! Do this. Do this for a minimum of three blog posts.

For Friday 09/15
Here is that thing I gave you in class:

Discussion questions / writing prompts for The Believer interview on Trash

• Have you ever spent time in New York or another big city? What do you remember about the state of its trash/garbage/sanitation, and how does that relate to Montana’s relation to trash? Describe the sights, smells, and other sensations in your answer.

• “Most commentary on the impact of garbage and consumerism treats waste either as material or as metaphor, but Professor Nagle’s analyses explore the tension between the two.”
Discuss this quote. What does the interviewer mean by treating waste as either “material or metaphor?” What are some examples of each? What does the article have to say about this? (Note: this is a particularly challenging question and I will be impressed with whoever chooses to take it on.)

• “Garbage is a highly visible problem that we choose to make invisible.” Discuss this question further. Why do we choose to make garbage invisible? What does the article say? What do you think?

• Mongo = the process of putting things out for others. We see this often in Missoula (people putting out free furniture, televisions, etc.) Had you ever heard this term before? Have you ever participated in this on either side? Discuss this phenomenon in relation to the article.

• What’s your personal stake in garbage collection? How has it changed since you’ve left home? Do you recycle? Why or why not? Have your feelings about garbage collection changed as a result of the piece?

• If you have another question/approach you’d like to consider for your writing not present here, please feel free to run it by me for approval.

For your blog posts, I want you to thoroughly explore one of these questions and give me a nuanced, well-written and edited response. You should have more than one draft for this post. The best responses will skillfully incorporate material from the article itself, along with your own personal ideas/reflections. These will need to be posted by this Friday, September 17th.

We will discuss this further on Wednesday. I may or may not move the due date for this piece to Monday of next week, depending on how we all feel.

I know that’s a lot to take in everyone but I’m confident you can handle it! Thanks for reading.

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