Hi I’m here to ruin your weekend.

Just kidding. Writing the rough drafts of your paper will doubtless prove to be an exhilarating and rewarding experience.

For Monday:
1. Please bring a typed, legible rough draft of your paper for workshopping. I want you to have your sources incorporated, use MLA, a works cited page ideally, all that stuff. The more complete your draft is the more useful workshopping will be for you. Remember that these papers are due on FRIDAY of next week (October 1st) so this is your last weekend to work.
1b. If you want me to look over your draft, bring an extra copy for meeeee.
2. If you’re freaked out, unprepared, don’t have the entire draft, etc. I am disappointed but it’s not a reason not to come to class. In the past I’ve had historically low attendance on the first day of workshopping. If you don’t have a rough draft you will take a hit on participation grade, but it’s a lot better than accruing an absence. You only get 3 of them. Save it for when you really need it. Even if you have absolutely nothing you can benefit from reading other people’s papers. Bring whatever you have.

Here’s some paper examples! The department was kind enough to post Duane’s piece on Green marketing a week after I laboriously photocopied 24 copies of it for you, but there’s another one here as well that approaches the personal aspect of the piece in a completely different way.

Sample essay, McCulloch
Sample Essay, Roeder

The Believer Pieces:
I handed these back at conferences. I asked many of you to bring me a rewrite on Monday. Do this. Otherwise, I have a few things to say about them. Firstly, for some of you I was hurt and confused by the number of simple mistakes/errors. I want you to keep on yourself to produce more polished work.

As for content, the level of engagement with the subject I found to be similarly varied. I noticed a disproportionate amount of talk about recycling. For me this sort of misses the point of the article. The article barely touches on recycling; it’s more about the different philosophical and emotional responses we have to trash. I want to keep encouraging you to look beyond the obvious when you explore these readings.

With these things in mind, take a look at the following pieces. I really enjoyed Sean H’s piece “Why do we hide trash.” He’s done a particularly good job of incorporating a quote from the source material. The ideal way to do this is to both point out the quote, and then talk about in your own words what the quote means to you and its relevance for your overall argument.

Tiffany’s post did a great job of incorporating personal experience with facts about mongoing, and is deftly rendered. It flows well and is easy to read.

Have a good weekend!

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