Op Eds. Yeah!

Nice enneagram blog posts this week. It would appear you had a moderate amount of fun with these. I can’t believe all the ones in this class! I thought everyone did really well on this assignment. I especially liked Jackson’s type 1 description, Justin’s work with 3’s, and Sean’s true to form, critical analysis of life in general.

So we’ll be starting the unit on Op Ed’s this week. For Friday I’d like you to dust off your copy of The Curious Writer and read pages 241-253. It will be immensely helpful for you to know this stuff when it comes time to write your papers, and the reading will inform your blog posts, which iiiiiiiiis:

Blog posts:
These will be due before class on Wednesday. (Correction. Friday. who are you, what’s happening, where am I?) Commenting on other’s blogs not necessary but never discouraged. I want you to read and analyze three op ed articles and write a paragraph on each. Your analysis should be informed by the reading you did in the curious writer. Look out for logical fallacies, use of logos, pathos, ethos, etc and try to discuss these in your descriptions. Do you agree or disagree? Is the argument sound? Why or why not? Be sure to link to the article in your post.

Here are some sources for finding op eds:
http://www.dailyoped.com/ – a conglomerate of multiple news outlets op ed pieces
http://thehuffingtonpost.com – a liberal news outlet
http://realclearpolitics.com – somebody told me this was a conservative news site?
http://www.montankaimin.com – look under “opinion” heading for lots of great articles.

Other great places to find op eds are on major news sites like CNN.com, New York Times, and for a real source of laughter and bevy of logical fallacies (in my opinion) Foxnews.com

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