The reflective paper! Yeah! This is going to be fun. You’re going to love it. You already love it.

This unit is short and sweet. Rather than give you a formalized syllabus, I’m going to outline what we’ll be doing the next few days here.

Today (Friday) 10/22:

We’ll look at your blogs a little bit at the start of class.
I’ll pass back your fast writes and say stuff about them.
We’ll do another fast write.
We’ll talk together as a class.
I’ll pass back your remaining PAA’s.
We’ll go home.

Monday 10/25

We’ll talk more explicitly about the parameters of the assignment.
We’ll begin pre-drafting and “invention” activities in class.
Your homework will be to come to class with a rough draft of your papers.

Wednesday 10/27

We’ll spend the day reading each other’s rough drafts. This will be the most important workshop session of all time.

Friday 10/29

We’re going to do the same thing we did last time: In lieu of a regularly scheduled class, you’ll drop your papers off outside of my office. This is because: number 1, it’s halloween weekend and halloween ruuuuuules. Number 2: I’m going to be doing a panel on workshopping at the festival of the book that afternoon. I’m kind of a big deal.

Your Blog Assignments for This weekend:

Take a look at the following links. They’re tips on writing.

The best writing advice. Ever.

The 22 best writing tips ever.

7 tips for writing great essays.

I want you to write your own list of 5 writing tips for other students of writ 101. What works for you? You can borrow some of the ones you read about, but be sure to put them in your own words. Make sure you write a few sentences on each. Don’t make them flimsy. They should be insightful, fun to read, interesting. Inject a little of your own personal style into these lists. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with.

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