Reflective essay paper requirements

Here are the elements that I will be looking for and evaluating you on.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the course objectives as you understand them.
  • Talk about your personal experiences/stories as a writer. “The personal.”
  • Discuss specific goals you have for the class; project into the future somehow.
  • Create your own structure, story arch, or narrative to the piece. Demonstrate that there is a conscious organizing principle at work.
  • Take special care of your work in terms of style, clarity, voice, ease and enjoyment of reading.
  • Grammar, mechanics, and punctuation are all important. For such a short paper, ideally it should really be free of ANY glaring errors. Misspelled words, obvious punctuation mistakes, etc. will be devastating, for me. Be sure to look over these papers very carefully. You have no opportunity for further revision.
  • The paper should be 500-700 words. (Around 2-3 pages.) Going significantly under (or over) will affect your grade. It’s important to learn how to work in specific parameters.
  • As always, Include a letter of introduction to the piece, a “drafting artifact” (an outline, sketch, mind map,etc.) and whatever workshop evaluations you received.
  • .

    For Wednesday:

    Please bring a rough draft for workshopping. In addition, I want you to bring 3 questions you have for your editors. I want you to either type them or write them out on a piece of paper, legibly. I’ll be looking at these and you’ll receive credit for them. Also you should read the blogs and leave comments by this time. I keep track of these things in my special little book so don’t blow it off.

    On y va.

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