It Starts: The Life-Place Essay

We start a new unit today. It’s called “the life place essay.” Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect for the next little bit.

Monday 11/01
Today we’ll do some writing, we’ll do some group works, I’ll assign you an optional blog assignment, and I’ll assign you a choice between two readings for Friday. Here they are:
Seeing, by Ann Dillard
Tennis, Trigonometry, Tornadoes: A Midwestern Boyhood – by David Foster Wallace

Choose one of them to read and summarize. I’ll give you further prompts for this on Wednesday, but you’ll be turning something in on Friday. Be prepared to discuss.

Wednesday, 11/03
Mapping activity. Other activities tbd.

Friday, 11/05
More in class activities tbd. Writing assignment for the weekend and signing up for conferences.

Monday, 11/08, Wednesday 11/10
Individual conferences in my office. No class scheduled.

Friday, 11/12
Workshop rough drafts of essay.

Monday, 11/15
Final essay due. Other stuff as well I’m sure.

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