Workshopping Life-Place on Friday.

This is a reminder to all that we’ll be workshopping rough drafts of your Life-Place Essay in class this Friday. A quick summary of the qualifications for the Life-Place essay are listed here. If you have further questions, look under “major assignments.”

  • The paper is 1,000 words (around 4 pages).
  • It needs to engage in two elements: who you are and how your environment has shaped who you are. You can talk about Missoula, where you came from, other places you’ve been, or a combination of both. The idea is that where you are shapes who you are, and that idea need be reflected in the essay.
  • The paper should have some sort of cohesive narrative thread / organizational structure at work. I’m particularly interested in descriptive language (show, don’t tell!), anecdotes, details, feelings, reactions, etc. “Make it sparkle,” as my friend Ted says.
  • Never forget the all important “so what?” question. Avoid making this seem like a journal entry. The paper is about you, but make it interesting to me and your other classmates as well!
  • Everyone seemed to dig the way we did workshop last time, so again I’ll ask you to bring three specific questions for your classmates to answer. The best questions are open ended (as in, not yes or no) and a combination of broad and specific.

    See you on Friday, with bells on.

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