Each of you will be creating and maintaining a blogspot blog.  You’ll be asked to do weekly assigned posts, as well as to read each other’s blog entries and comment on them.  Your blogs will be a chance to practice your writing in a forum other than the major papers we’ll be working on.  In addition to commenting on all your posts with questions/suggestions, I’ll be giving you periodic evaluations of where you stand grade wise on your blog.  At the end of the semester you’ll receive a letter grade on the entire blog project in its entirety.  The blog makes up 15% of your grade.  It’s important to bear in mind, however, that your blog assignments overlap with your participation, making them an integral part of your overall grade in the class.  Here’s a general guideline of criteria for evaluation.

  • Organization/appearance:  Is your blog set up properly, easy to read, etc.  Is your blogroll page set up properly?  Is your profile set up, do you have a picture, etc.
  • Grammar/punctuation/mechanics: I’m concerned with both your general presentation and the steps you take towards improving per the suggestions I make.  That goes for all categories.
  • Correct citing/source use: If and when you incorporate outside material, is it done according to the standards of proper citation/blog etiquette?  Also, are you using outside sources when appropriate?
  • Length/assignment concerns:  Have you met all the requirements of the assignment?  Have you completed all of your blog posts?
  • Comments:  Here I’m looking at the extent and quality of comments on other pages when I assign them.
  • Overall content:  Are your blog posts engaging, interesting, etc?  Have you spent sufficient time/care of your work?

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  1. Jackson says:

    I am not really liking my topic that i choose. I am wondering if it would be alright to change my topic to talking about Indian reservations and how i dont think they are a good thing for todays modern native american. can you e-mail me back as soon as possible at thanks so much.

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