Portfolio Guidelines / Requirements

Required Elements

  • Reflective Paper at the beginning, as well as a paragraph introducing each revised paper.
  • Original copies of the three major papers (PAA, Op Ed, and Life Place), with my comments and corrections.
  • Fully revised copies of the three major papers.
  • One pre-write (not a rough, rough draft, an outline, mindmap, etc.) and a brief explanation as to why you included it and how it helped or didn’t help you write said paper.
  • Bonus material of your choice (a cleaned up blog post, a story, something you’ve written on your own, song lyrics, etc. No more than 5 pages, please.)
  • Table of Contents
  • Grading rubric (I’ll give you one)
  • A comprehensive organization (pages should be numbered continuously, etc.)
  • Bound in 3 ring binder

  • Grading Breakdown

    20% Reflective paper + introductory paragraphs to each section of the portfolio
    30% Your strongest paper
    30% Revisions of the other two papers
    20% Overall organization/presentation/completeness of portfolio + bonus material

    Powerpoint presentation of your Portfolio (from Friday.)

    Portfolio Grading Rubric Be Here

    Grammar Lesson from Monday, w/r/t Life Place Essay

    MLA powerpoint presentation of old.


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